How a Clean Office Can Help You Get Repeat Business

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When a potential customer is considering doing business with you, they’re always going to be looking for signs that tell them what the “health” of your business is.

This means they want to know the basic things, like that you’re financially solvent, you hire quality people, you perform your services as well as you promise and you always deliver them on time. But one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of a “healthy” looking business is, believe it or not, that their office itself is clean.

Below, we’ll examine the advantages of a clean office, and the disadvantages of an unclean office, which we hope will motivate you to double down on your efforts to keep your workplace clean. We’ll also look at why hiring a cleaning service in Phoenix, AZ can be such a great investment.

People have automatic reactions to cleanliness—and to filth

It is an unavoidable psychological truth that a messy appearance always reads to a customer as less healthy and less reliable than a tidy appearance. Perhaps this is why tidiness has always been the number one most obvious signal of a well-run ship.

As most of us know from our own lives, the first place where laziness is likely to manifest itself in anyone’s life is in foregoing the basic responsibility to tidy up after oneself. In business, you have to do a lot more than just the requisite buying and selling. You have to keep perfect accounting of your money coming in and out, and you have to hit deadlines—and all of these things require the same type of oversight and dedication to taking responsibility for your actions as cleaning up for yourself. This is why, when people see a clean person, they also see an effective person, and why when people see a messy person, they see an ineffective person.

This means, overall, that a clean office can be powerful psychological motivator for drawing repeat business from your customers—or, by the same token, why an untidy business is a powerful motivator to discourage repeat business with your company.

Imagine yourself in the customer’s shoes

While it is certainly true that there is no law that says a slob may not otherwise be an excellent business person, all other things being equal, would you yourself do business with someone who is tidy and in control of their surroundings, or someone who is messy and can’t even keep up with the basic maintenance requirements of their life?

We’re pretty sure almost everyone would go with the clean business staffed by the clean employees!

If you’re too busy, pay someone

The unfortunate thing about this is that oftentimes an untidy business is not actually a sign of a business run by slobs, but is instead a sign that business is booming, and that everyone simply has too many responsibilities to keep up with the basics. That should be a positive in the life of your business! This is why we suggest, if you find yourself in this situation, that you contract with a cleaning service to tidy up your business each day. A clean office really might be the difference between landing and not landing that next big account.

Hire a cleaning service in Phoenix, AZ

If you’re looking for a cleaning service in Phoenix, AZ, give us a call today at New Image Cleaning Service. We’ll get a sense of your needs and the size of your organization, and give you a quote on our cleaning services. Don’t hesitate! A lot of area businesses trust us to keep their offices clean and professional every day. You might say we’re their secret weapons. Give us a call and let us tell you how we can help you and your business!

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