How to Prepare Your Home for Your Cleaning Service in Phoenix, AZ

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Hiring a house cleaning service can be an incredible help, whether you need to prepare for hosting an event in your home or you simply need regular assistance keeping up on routine chores around the house. Regardless of what your house cleaner will be focusing on in your home, you can get a much better result if you take the time to prepare ahead of time. Even though house cleaners are there to help you tidy up, there are still a few things that you should do to ensure that your home is ready for truly effective cleaning service in Phoenix, AZ. Investing a little time into preparing your home before cleaning allows you to be sure that your cleaner is able to provide you with the best service possible:

  • De-clutter: You should make sure to tidy up objects and papers that are lying around. The less clutter there is, the easier it will be for your house cleaner to get to work instead of having to spend time moving things around or clearing space.
  • Communicate: It’s important that you clearly communicate your needs with your house cleaner. If there are specific areas that you want them to pay special attention to or specific tasks that you want them to prioritize, you should let them know.
  • Put away pets: Pets and children can get in the way of cleaners and make their job more difficult. Make sure that pets are put away and children are in a different area of your home. This is also important since the chemicals used during cleaning can be toxic if ingested by pets or small children.
  • Ensure accessibility: In many cases, you can have cleaners come to your home while you are away. If this is your preference, make sure that your cleaner knows how to get into your home. You can provide your cleaning service in Phoenix, AZ with a key, or simply give them instructions to access a spare key around your house. It can be helpful to provide instructions for home entry in person the first time around to ensure that your cleaning crew will be able to access your home on their own going forward.
  • Get to know your cleaning crew: You should take the time to get to know the crew who is going to be cleaning your home. This allows you to maintain consistent communication and ensure that you are familiar with the people who are coming into your house.

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