Why Is It Important to Have Your Gutters Professionally Cleaned?

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In spite of their humble reputation, gutters are actually one of the most important components of your home. They protect it from excessive rainfall, and ensure that the foundation of your house remains safe and stable. Without proper maintenance and care, however, your home’s gutters can quickly turn themselves into a liability that can cause moisture damage and other structural ills. Obtaining frequent and proper gutter maintenance service is the best way to ensure that your home’s water management strategies are fully operational.

Hiring a cleaning service in Phoenix, AZ is the only surefire way to ensure that your gutters are cleaned in a prompt and professional manner. You can keep the rainwater flowing off your home with ease by contracting a qualified cleaning professional! Here are just some of the types of damage that can occur if you do not regularly clean your gutters:

  • Roof damage: If leaves, silt and other detritus is building up in your gutters, there is a good chance that water will overflow onto your roof, flooding it and causing permanent damage. You may experience leakage that not only is detrimental to your roof, but also the interior of your home.
  • Pest control: If there is standing water left in your gutters, it can make for an attractive habitat to many undesirable houseguests, including mosquitoes and flies. Hiring a cleaning service in Phoenix, AZ is the best way to ensure that your home stays bug-, rat- and bird-free!
  • Frame damage: The fascia is a component of your home that runs behind your gutter. Overflowing water can result in long-term damage to this board as well as other essential components of your roof and house frame. Mold may begin to eat away at necessary frame parts if your gutters are overflowing.
  • Ruined landscaping: If too much water is regularly being dumped on your planter beds and other landscaping installations, it will flood them out, killing any plants and displacing soil. All of your gardening skills will be wasted if your gutter water is spilling over the sides of your home.
  • Bad foundation: Hiring a cleaning service in Phoenix, AZ to clean out your gutters helps you protect the foundation of your home. If too much water seeps into the ground surrounding your home’s foundation and freezes, it will result in cracks and other damage that could be nearly impossible to repair.
  • Damage to brackets: The brackets that hold up your gutter system are not designed to withstand gutters filled with water for extended periods of time. If you are concerned about your gutters filling up with too much water and breaking off the side of your home, you should contact a cleaning service in Phoenix, AZ as soon as possible.

Since 1999, New Image Cleaning Service has been providing some of the most comprehensive cleaning services in the region. We are known for our comprehensive cleaning solutions that meet a wide variety of needs. If you are in need of a cleaning service in Phoenix, AZ, reach out to one of our friendly and professional representatives today.

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