Prevent a Potential Fire Hazard by Getting Air Duct Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

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People tend to neglect that which they do not understand, which is undoubtedly why of all systems in a household or business, the one which has its maintenance overlooked the most often is probably the HVAC system.

It’s understandable that it is easy to take the air for granted. We really only notice it when it’s uncomfortably warm or cool. But, in fact, forgetting to regularly clean your air ducts can pose an array of risks, the most serious of which is an increase in the risk of sudden fire. Below, we’ll explore why failing to keep up with air duct cleaning in Phoenix, AZ can be dangerous, and offer tips for preventing this danger in your own home or office:

  • Dust is highly flammable: Dust is technically a fire hazard in and of itself anytime it accumulates in a large enough volume. This is doubly true when we’re talking about dust that accumulates in your central heat system. If that dust is pulled into the furnace, or onto the very hot heat exchanger surface—where they heat generated from your furnace is passed out from your furnace to be blown through your home or building—the dust can spontaneously combust from the heat. If enough dust and debris has accumulated, this can cause a serious sudden fire within your furnace.
  • Change your furnace filter regularly: Regularly changing your furnace filter is just as important as regularly changing your air filter in your car. It greatly extends the life of your furnace, not just by preventing dust from being pulled in and ignited, but also because, if you forget to change your air filter, you force your system to work much harder to overcome the decrease in airflow. Also, when the filter is allowed to clog completely, it can actually collapse and get yanked into the furnace and then ignite. This doesn’t happen too often, but we wouldn’t risk it by putting it off if we were you.
  • Perform regular air duct cleanings: Your furnace filter catches a lot of dust, but the vast majority of the dust in your system is actually deposited within the walls of your air ducts. The best thing you can do to guarantee your central heat system a long life is to regularly clean these air ducts. Not only will this decrease your risk of fire, but it will also help make the air you breathe much healthier.
  • Consider hiring a professional: It’s probably worth paying a professional to clean your air ducts because improper air duct cleaning in Phoenix, AZ can actually loosen the dust and allow it to either circulate or get pulled into the furnace. Paying a professional at least once a year to clean your air ducts will make sure this doesn’t happen, and help keep the air you and your family breathe healthy and wholesome.

If you’re looking to hire a professional to clean your air ducts, give us a call here at New Image Cleaning Service. We offer a variety of cleaning services, and we’re trusted by many local individuals and businesses to keep their spaces clean, healthy and habitable. Come in or call today and find out how New Image Cleaning Service can make your life better.

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